Hall of Frame

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It’s always a party at the Sunglass Shoppe-Unique Optics!

Beacon Dental strutting their stuff in front of the Sunglass Shoppe-Unique Optics in downtown Petoskey.

Why did you choose the Sunglass Shoppe?

“Customer service is why I go to the Sunglass Shoppe! I am always taken care of here, supplying me with the most interesting variety of glasses. that are quality driven and hand-crafted. They also have the warmest atmosphere in the heart of downtown .”

Why did you choose this frame?

“The Sunglass Shoppe handpicked for the fit of my face these perfect french LaFont optical frames. I love the depth of blue color and design.”

What prescription lenses did you decide on and why?

“I chose to have the best lenses on the market. I wanted the best clarity and cancer absorbing lens coating available, mainly because I am worth it. My eyes and vision are worth it! I am always for ‘quality’ AND ‘equality’…..;)”