If you’re having issues with your vision, no doubt, eyeglasses can help you see better, and they’ve come along way in their style and comfortability. Technology has made them lighter, sturdier, and more fashionable. If you’re on the fence between getting contacts or eyeglasses, let us help you decided.

Benefits of eyeglasses:

  • They improve your vision: With no surprise, the #1 benefit of glasses is that they improve your vision. There’s no need to squint and strain your eyes with the many beautiful, unique, and colorful frames nowadays.
  • Glasses require little cleaning and maintenance: If you wear glasses, you probably carry a small cleaning cloth around to clean the smudges off, and every few years you might need to bring your glasses in for an adjustment or to fix a loose screw. Pretty low maintenance!
  • In the long run, eyeglasses are less expensive: As long as you love the frames, your glasses can last for a long time. Stay up to date with your optometrist for your most current prescription.
  • Glasses make a great fashion statement: Having a couple of pairs of eyeglasses is such a fun way to accessorize your wardrobe. In past years glasses were seen as just an aid for vision, now glasses are a fashion statement.
  • Sunglasses: Summer or winter, proper sunglasses provide great protection against the sun. UV A, B, and C rays can be damaging to your eyes. Plus they help your eyes when driving and performing many activities and you don’t even need a prescription to wear them.

So clean off those glasses, pair them with a great outfit and protect those peepers!!

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