People will stare, make it worth their while.

We people-watch consciously and subconsciously. Some people enjoy observing people and their interactions. We all communicate with body language, and we can learn a lot about someone just by watching them. We also tend to notice what people are wearing, from their clothing to their eyewear.

Have you ever noticed a person’s eyewear? I can’t help myself, but the first thing I notice is an individual’s eyewear and what it says about them. When we travel to optical trade shows, we make sure we curate eyewear for all of our customer’s specific sizes, colors, and styles. When people come to our stores to shop, we look at facial features and ask many discovery questions, so we can begin suggesting eyewear frames. It is fun to work with different personalities.

Some of our customers want to have something unusual or quirky with bold shapes and striking colors. We find that some individuals wish to that industrial or architectural look with simple, clean lines made from unique materials. Others may want a frame from the American eyewear artisan with a crisp classic look. Some people like that one of a kind bespoke frame, hand-made in London and personalized to their exact measurements, color palette, and personal style.

What’s your style?