You shop with reusable bags, buy locally grown produce, and drink fair-trade coffee. But have you ever thought about wearing ethical sunglasses from an eyewear company that cares?

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. You should wear them all year round on sunny days when you’re outside or driving. They protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Too much exposure to these rays can potentially cause eye damage, leading to vision loss. If you wear prescription eyeglasses you can buy sunglasses with prescription lenses. If you don’t need glasses for vision you can purchase sunglasses with lenses that just offer protection from the sun.

Of course, sunglasses also make a fashion statement. As an accessory, sunglasses instantly add an element of cool to any outfit. A unique pair of sunglasses make a statement as well and tell others something about your personality.

When you choose ethical sunglasses you protect your eyes, look great, and feel good about your purchase. Here are three ethical sunglass brands you can find at The Sunglass Shoppe:

Zeal Optics Sunglasses

Zeal Optics makes plant-based polarized sunglasses that protect your eyes and the earth. Their eco-friendly sunglass frames and lenses are made with Z-Resin, a plant-based material derived from the castor plant. This makes Zeal Optics eyewear sustainable and good for the environment by being petroleum-free. They also have a smaller carbon footprint. But plant-based doesn’t mean lower quality. The Z-Resin actually allows them to produce a polarized lens with greater clarity for crisp, clear vision.

State Optical Sunglasses

State Optical is the only luxury eyewear brand manufactured completely in the United States. State’s eyewear is handcrafted at their manufacturing facility in Chicago by a select group of skilled craftsmen. They’re committed to producing only the best quality eyewear. State Optical is also committed to changing the world for the better. They proudly contribute to the Vision Council’s Opening Your Eyes Scholarship which provides full tuition, an internship, and mentorship to high school seniors from black and brown communities who aspire to become opticians. 

Costa Sunglasses

Costa sunglasses are made for people who love to be on the water. It’s only natural that the company would help protect what they and their customers love – the beach and the water. Costa does this through several different programs. Their Kick Plastic campaign sponsors beach clean-ups and encourages less use of plastics that make their way into the world’s oceans. Their partnership with Ocearch helps fund the protection of sharks. Through #OneCoast, Costa provides funds to coastal communities affected by natural disasters. Costa also helps reduce ocean waste with its Untangled eyewear collection. Frames in this collection are made from recycled fishing nets. As many as 640,000 tons of fishing materials are discarded in the ocean each year.

If you’re interested in purchasing ethical sunglasses, visit The Sunglass Shoppe to learn more about these brands and to try on a pair. They’ll help you find the right pair of sunglasses for your individual needs and personality. They provide services for both standard and prescription sunglasses. The Sunglass Shoppe has four locations in Michigan: Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Saugatuck.