With the next school year slowly approaching, it might be time to start shopping for back-to-school items, including new glasses. If you are a teacher or are planning on going back to school yourself as a student of any age, here are some things you will want to consider when shopping for glasses.

 School days can be long days, so your comfort should be important to you. If you had purchased glasses before that didn’t feel comfortable, it might be because they were not appropriately fitted for your face. Other than having the correct prescription for your glasses, other measurements need to be taken to get the most out of your glasses. Make sure your glasses are fitted correctly for the most comfort during those long days in the classroom.

 Find the right glasses that fit your face shape. When you are shopping for glasses, you want to find a pair that fits your face and your personality.  Feel confident walking into class with your fashionable glasses this school year.

Should you consider blue light glasses?
 If you are staring at a computer screen in the classroom for an extended period of time, you may want to consider purchasing glasses that will filter blue light to protect your eyes. Blue light is a color in the light spectrum that produces higher amounts of energy. Artificial blue light is a light emitted from digital screens like computers, smartphones, and television.  If you think you will be looking at any digital screen, you may want to consider these blue light glasses to help prevent headaches or dry eyes.

Extra set
 If you wear glasses during the majority of the day, you may want to consider storing an extra pair. Leave them in your car or your bag just in case you forget them somewhere. When you are running from classroom to classroom and switching out your books and other materials, it can be easy to forget something such as your glasses.