This cold weather has us wishing for the summer months to come quickly! Shopping for summer necessities can help us get into the summer spirit, and that includes shopping for new sunglasses. If you are in the market for new sunglasses, here are four things to consider before you close the deal.

UV Protection

 When looking for new sunglasses, make sure you are looking for options that have 100% UV protection. Many sunglasses will promote UV protection, but if they don’t say 100%, then you most likely aren’t getting complete protection. If you are unsure, it’s always a good idea to ask the store clerk before purchasing.

It’s also important to note that the darker the sunglasses lenses don’t always mean more protection. Only sunglasses with the UV protection tag will provide you with the best protection for your eyes.

Bigger is Better

 Bigger sunglasses will provide you with more protection to your eyes than smaller frames. Bigger sunglasses will help prevent the sunlight from sneaking into the sides of your glasses. If you aren’t a fan of oversized sunglasses, consider wearing glasses that wrap around your face for better protection. Sunglasses that wrap around your face also provide good protection if you are into sports.

Lens Color

 Sunglasses that have a colored lens, such as pink or blue, do not necessarily help with protecting you from UV rays. This is also the case for mirrored lenses. If you are an athlete who plays sports where you need to focus on a ball, many people find it helpful to have colored or mirrored lenses. Most of the time, the color of the lens is more about preference.


 Sunglasses will do nothing for you if they don’t fit well on your head. If they are too big and fall to the tip of your nose, they will be more annoying than helpful. Make sure your sunglasses fit comfortably on your face – not too big but not too snug on your face either, which can cause discomfort.


 Consider polarized sunglasses if you think you will be near the water often this summer. Polarized lenses will reduce the glare that can bounce off the water, causing you difficulty seeing. It is important to note that polarized sunglasses do not provide UV protection; it gives you a better visual experience.

There is much to consider when shopping for sunglasses. It can be overwhelming at times. Our staff at The Sunglass Shoppe is here to help! Stop in at one of our locations, and we can help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses for the upcoming summer!