What to Consider When Shopping for Glasses for the Upcoming School Year

What to Consider When Shopping for Glasses for the Upcoming School Year

With the next school year slowly approaching, it might be time to start shopping for back-to-school items, including new glasses. If you are a teacher or are planning on going back to school yourself as a student of any age, here are some things you will want to consider when shopping for glasses.

 School days can be long days, so your comfort should be important to you. If you had purchased glasses before that didn’t feel comfortable, it might be because they were not appropriately fitted for your face. Other than having the correct prescription for your glasses, other measurements need to be taken to get the most out of your glasses. Make sure your glasses are fitted correctly for the most comfort during those long days in the classroom.

 Find the right glasses that fit your face shape. When you are shopping for glasses, you want to find a pair that fits your face and your personality.  Feel confident walking into class with your fashionable glasses this school year.

Should you consider blue light glasses?
 If you are staring at a computer screen in the classroom for an extended period of time, you may want to consider purchasing glasses that will filter blue light to protect your eyes. Blue light is a color in the light spectrum that produces higher amounts of energy. Artificial blue light is a light emitted from digital screens like computers, smartphones, and television.  If you think you will be looking at any digital screen, you may want to consider these blue light glasses to help prevent headaches or dry eyes.

Extra set
 If you wear glasses during the majority of the day, you may want to consider storing an extra pair. Leave them in your car or your bag just in case you forget them somewhere. When you are running from classroom to classroom and switching out your books and other materials, it can be easy to forget something such as your glasses.

5 Places to Visit in or Around Traverse City This Summer

5 Places to Visit in or Around Traverse City This Summer

Now that summer is in full swing in Northern Michigan, it’s time to get outdoors and explore! Here are some great places to visit in Traverse City that we think you will love!

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
 Visit the dunes for a hike and beautiful scenery. The scenery is gorgeous and goes for miles with stunning views of the lake. Plan a camping trip or spend the day hiking the trails. If you decide to visit at night when the stars are out, you won’t be disappointed with the views up above. Sometimes you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!

The Little Fleet
 During the day, the Little Fleet is a great place to take the family. You can always find a slew of food trucks there. We guarantee you will have a hard time trying to choose what to eat! During the evening hours, you can often find events happening. It’s a great place to wind down and let loose on the weekends after a long week of working!

Front Street Shopping
 Front Street in downtown Traverse City has over 150 shops, boutiques, and restaurants to visit. If you are looking for a shopping adventure, you won’t be disappointed here. Stop into the Sunglass Shoppe and say hi and check out the variety of glasses we carry!

Boardman Lake Trail
 If you are a lover of the outdoors and enjoy hiking, Boardman Lake Trail is a must-visit! This two-mile heavily wooded trail runs along the east side of Boardman Lake. Part of the trail is paved, and part of it is crushed limestone and boardwalks. There is something for every hiker on this trail!

Leelanau Wine Trail
 This trail is a must-go if you are a wine lover! The trail is divided into three smaller trails for touring. Stop in to various wine tasting rooms along the trail while getting a different experience in each one. Enjoy breathtaking views along the trail as an added bonus! These are just a few of the things you can do in Traverse City, MI. There are plenty of areas to go if you are looking to fish, boat, or bike, too. There is something for everyone in Traverse City!

What Do the Numbers on Your Eyeglass Frames Mean?

What Do the Numbers on Your Eyeglass Frames Mean?

Have you ever noticed the series of numbers on the inside of your frames? These numbers actually have significant meaning to them, and knowing what they mean can help you the next time you are looking to purchase new glasses. The numbers are hidden on the inside of the eyeglass frames to not ruin the look. 

What do the numbers mean?

If you look at your glasses, you might see a number that looks like xx-xx-xxx. All three of these numbers can help when choosing the best frames for the size of your head. These numbers are all measured in millimeters (mm).

The first number is a two-digit number and represents the eye size. It is the horizontal width of the lenses and usually ranges between 40 mm to 62 mm.

The second number will also be a two-digit number which represents the distance between the two lenses. This area is the part of the eyeglasses that sits on your nose. This number will range from 14 mm to 24 mm.

The last number is always a three-digit number and represents the length from the frame to the part of the eyeglasses that sits on your ears. This number will range from 120 mm to 150 mm.

You may also see other numbers that sometimes include letters. This number is most likely the model of the glasses.

Understanding what these numbers mean can be extremely helpful when you are looking for a new pair of glasses. If you are looking for a new set of optical or sunglass frames, our staff at the Sunglass Shoppe can help you find the ones that are right for you. The Sunglass Shoppe offers premium products and the latest optical technology that can meet your specific needs.

Visit one of our shops located in Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and our newest location, Saugatuck, MI.

3 Reasons Why We Love Zeal Optics Eyewear

3 Reasons Why We Love Zeal Optics Eyewear

If you are an adventurer and love the outdoors, Zeal Optics eyewear might be the perfect choice for you. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, it’s no wonder why many outdoor enthusiasts choose Zeal Optics as their sunglass or goggle brand of choice. Here are three reasons why we love Zeal Optics:

It’s high-quality eyewear.
Zeal Optics uses some of the most revolutionary materials in both their sunglasses and their goggles, allowing for clearer vision both on land and underwater. They use Ellume polarized materials that help to eliminate color confusion so you can see all the colors of the spectrum more vividly.

Zeal Optics sunglasses and goggles are also 99.9% polarized, which will help protect your eyes from UV exposure. Polarized lenses help to protect your eyes from long-term damage. Zeal Optics carries Ellume polarized lenses in copper, dark grey, horizon blue, and rose colors.

They use plant-based materials in all sunglass frames and lenses. 
Being fans of the outdoors themselves, Zeal Optics’ team is passionate about taking care of the environment. They believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the earth, and they are doing their part. All Zeal Optics sunglass frames and lenses are made from plant-based materials. While other lenses are often made from petroleum-based materials, Zeal Optics uses a plant-based polymer as the bonding agent.

Zeal Optics are excellent for outdoor adventures.
Whether you use Zeal Optics sunglasses or goggles, their products are built specifically for the outdoors. Part of their mission is to make sure your experience in the outdoors is enhanced with the most beautiful views of the world. No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you go on, Zeal Optics has a mission to make it more memorable for you through their lenses.

Zeal Optics Eyewear is available in Sunglass Shoppes stores located in downtown Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Saugatuck, MI. Stop in and try on a pair to see what we are talking about!

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Sunglasses This Summer

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Sunglasses This Summer

Now that the days are getting warmer and longer, it’s time to start thinking again about protecting ourselves from the sun. This includes protecting our eyes from the rays, too. Our eyes are very sensitive, and prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to a number of problems.

Here are five reasons why we should protect our eyes from the sun:

Loss of cells in your cornea
Believe it or not, your eyes can get sunburnt. Too much ultraviolet light (including light from the sun) can burn a person’s cornea. The cornea is the transparent layer in front of the eye. This can be very painful until your eyes rebuild more cells. Sometimes it can be so severe that a person will need to take oral antibiotics to prevent infection. Wearing ultraviolet-protection sunglasses can easily prevent this from happening.

Skin cancer
The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, including your eyelids. Wearing protective eyewear not only protects your eyelids, but it can also protect the skin around your eyes from developing skin cancer.

Protection from flying debris
Not only can the sun be damaging to your eyes, but flying debris such as sand or dirt can injure them as well. Getting sand in your eyes can scratch them and be very painful. It can also cause permanent damage.

Reduced headaches
Bright lights, including the sun, can trigger headaches and even migraines. This can occur from straining your eyes too much. Wearing sunglasses can reduce the number of headaches a person may get or eliminate them all together.

Macular degeneration
Having your eyes unprotected from sunlight can contribute to the development of macular degeneration. Macular degeneration is caused by the deterioration of the central portion of the retina. If it gets serious, it can lead to permanent eye damage.

It is important to remember to wear sunglasses all year round, not just during the summer months. It is also essential to wear the right sunglasses when you are outdoors. Wear sunglasses that have UV protection for a lower chance of damaging your eyes.

You can check out some of our favorite sunglass brands such as Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and Zeal, along with lots of others, at one of our four Sunglass Shoppe-Unique Optics locations.

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