3 Reasons Why We Love Maui Jim

3 Reasons Why We Love Maui Jim

If you have ever stepped foot into one of the Sunglass Shoppe’s locations, you know that one of our favorite brands we like to carry is Maui Jim. Maui Jim has been around since 1980. They started small on the beaches of Hawaii and have since gone global.

Here are three reasons why we think Maui Jim is an excellent brand with SPECtacular eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Maui Jim wants to give their customers the best view possible. They accomplish this by focusing on the color and clarity of their lenses. Since they first started selling their sunglasses on the beach, Maui Jim knew they needed to create a product that shields the sun’s harsh glare but still shows the unique colors and clarity of the world around us. Maui Jim designed their PolaredPlus2 technology, which does precisely that! With a variety of lens colors, there is something for everyone from Maui Jim!

Embrace Aloha

At Maui Jim, they consider their customers family. Maui Jim’s staff is committed to ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience with every interaction. That is what they like to call the “spirit of Aloha!” The spirit of Aloha is a way of life that brings warmth and heart to everyone.

Independently Owned 

Maui Jim started as an independently owned company selling on Hawaii beaches and quickly grew to be the global company we know today. The company continues to be independently owned, allowing them to do things for their customers that other companies cannot do, such as free shipping and returns and personal customer service. 

Not familiar with the Maui Jim brand? Stop into The Sunglass Shoppe and check out our large variety of sunglasses and eyeglasses. The Sunglass Shoppe has locations in Petoskey and Traverse City, MI. Check out our shops in Charlevoix and Saugatuck, MI, during the summer months. 

5 Things to do This Winter Near Traverse City, MI

5 Things to do This Winter Near Traverse City, MI

Traverse City, MI, is a popular place to visit during the summer months, but why wait until then? If you are a lover of winter, Traverse City can be a fun place to stay for a winter vacation. Here are five activities that we think you should try if you visit Traverse City during the winter months.

Skiing and Snowboarding

 There is no shortage of skiing and snowboarding slopes in Northern Michigan! One of Traverse City’s most popular ski areas is Hickory Hills. This ski area has eight downhill runs for skiing fun. There is something for everyone here, whether you are a beginner skier or snowboarder, or experienced enough to conquer the advanced slopes. Head east to try Mt. Holiday Ski & Recreation area, where you can choose from 16 different runs for all different skill levels.

Wine Tour

 Wine tours aren’t just for summertime fun. Visit them during the winter for an entirely different experience! Sit by the fire and sip on some wine while watching the snowfall. The Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail in Traverse City has 10 different wineries you can try all in one day! They all offer tastings and wine by the glass. Bring a group of friends for a great day!


 If you are looking for another outdoor activity other than skiing or snowboarding, why not try snowshoeing? Traverse City has plenty of areas to go snowshoeing, including trails inside the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park. It’s a great way to view the winter scenery on foot. If you don’t have your own snowshoes, you can rent them at The Homestead Resort.

Fat Tire Biking

 For those of you who are avid bikers, fat-tire biking might be your thing in the winter! Feel safe on the trails and the road with fat-tire bikes. If you don’t have your own fat tire bike, you can rent one at the Timber Ridge RV and Recreation Resort.

Winter Shopping

 Not a fan of the outdoors? Why not spend the day indoors and go shopping? Shop ‘til you drop on Front Street in Traverse City. There are a variety of shops and boutiques to browse, along with restaurants to pop into for a warm beverage. Don’t forget to stop into the Sunglass Shoppe to get your sunglasses for the upcoming spring and summer seasons!


Just because it’s winter in Northern Michigan doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Traverse City, MI has something for everyone!

What to Consider When Shopping for Sunglasses

What to Consider When Shopping for Sunglasses

This cold weather has us wishing for the summer months to come quickly! Shopping for summer necessities can help us get into the summer spirit, and that includes shopping for new sunglasses. If you are in the market for new sunglasses, here are four things to consider before you close the deal.

UV Protection

 When looking for new sunglasses, make sure you are looking for options that have 100% UV protection. Many sunglasses will promote UV protection, but if they don’t say 100%, then you most likely aren’t getting complete protection. If you are unsure, it’s always a good idea to ask the store clerk before purchasing.

It’s also important to note that the darker the sunglasses lenses don’t always mean more protection. Only sunglasses with the UV protection tag will provide you with the best protection for your eyes.

Bigger is Better

 Bigger sunglasses will provide you with more protection to your eyes than smaller frames. Bigger sunglasses will help prevent the sunlight from sneaking into the sides of your glasses. If you aren’t a fan of oversized sunglasses, consider wearing glasses that wrap around your face for better protection. Sunglasses that wrap around your face also provide good protection if you are into sports.

Lens Color

 Sunglasses that have a colored lens, such as pink or blue, do not necessarily help with protecting you from UV rays. This is also the case for mirrored lenses. If you are an athlete who plays sports where you need to focus on a ball, many people find it helpful to have colored or mirrored lenses. Most of the time, the color of the lens is more about preference.


 Sunglasses will do nothing for you if they don’t fit well on your head. If they are too big and fall to the tip of your nose, they will be more annoying than helpful. Make sure your sunglasses fit comfortably on your face – not too big but not too snug on your face either, which can cause discomfort.


 Consider polarized sunglasses if you think you will be near the water often this summer. Polarized lenses will reduce the glare that can bounce off the water, causing you difficulty seeing. It is important to note that polarized sunglasses do not provide UV protection; it gives you a better visual experience.

There is much to consider when shopping for sunglasses. It can be overwhelming at times. Our staff at The Sunglass Shoppe is here to help! Stop in at one of our locations, and we can help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses for the upcoming summer!

Tips for Packing Light for a Winter Trip

Tips for Packing Light for a Winter Trip

With winter in full swing, many people are planning ski trips or other winter trips over the next couple of months. For some people, packing can be a challenging task since there’s a lot to pack to keep you warm. Here is our guide for packing for your upcoming winter vacation.

Pack for layering

 Your thick sweaters will take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Rather than packing your bulky sweaters and sweatshirts, consider packing for layering. Pack thinner long-sleeved shirts and thin sweaters to allow more space in your suitcase. Dressing in layers will help to insulate more to keep you just as warm as a thick sweater would – or maybe even warmer!

Wear your big items

 If you must take some thicker clothing on your winter trip, wear those items. This will allow for more room in your suitcase for other things. If you plan to bring boots, wear those instead of packing them in your bag. Boots take up a lot of space!

Pack your accessories

 Even though you are going on a winter trip, there still are some summer items you will want to pack. If you are going to be outdoors on the slopes or on cross-country trails, you want to prepare yourself for being out in the sun. If you are a skier, don’t forget to pack your goggles. When packing your goggles, wrap them a piece of clothing for protection in your suitcase or stick them in your winter hat!

Carry your sunglasses with you at all times in your purse or around your neck. You always want to have your sunglasses close by when you step outdoors to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Not sure what kind of sunglasses are right for you? Stop into The Sunglass Shoppe, and we can help you find the perfect pair for your winter trip!

Go with travel-size products

 It can be a tedious task to go to the store and pick out all the travel-size items you will need for your trip, but we promise you it is worth it. Using travel-size products such as shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving cream will save you a ton of space and weight when you are packing. Purchase products that you can refill, and you won’t have to be buying new products continuously. You can refill them when they need to be topped off.

Don’t let the stress of packing for a winter trip be complicated. Use these tips, and you might even have enough room to take some souvenirs home with you!

5 Reasons You Should Consider Wearing Goggles on the Slopes This Winter

5 Reasons You Should Consider Wearing Goggles on the Slopes This Winter

As we have stated before, it is just as important to protect your eyes from sunlight in the winter as it is in the summer. The same goes for when you are skiing or snowboarding on the slopes! Although wearing sunglasses would protect you from UV rays when you are skiing or snowboarding, they won’t protect you from all the elements of winter. We suggest investing in a good pair of ski goggles if you are into winter sports.

Here are five reasons we think ski goggles are necessary when you are on the slopes.

They will never fall off

 When skiing or on a snowboard, you can pick up some pretty fast speed going down the mountain! If you are only wearing sunglasses, they can easily fly off depending on your speed. Avoid the fear of losing a good pair of sunglasses by wearing ski goggles. Ski goggles include a tight strap and should fit snug around your entire head, so they don’t go flying.   

They protect you from flying debris

 With the speed you are going when traveling down a mountain on skis or a snowboard, you never know what you might run in to, and you may not have enough time to get out of the way if there is flying debris or dust in your way. If you are wearing ski goggles correctly, they should be sealed around your eyes so small particles or dust can’t get into your eyes. This is especially important if you are night skiing, where your vision may be more altered due to the darkness.

Reduces glare

 Snow is bright! If the sun hits snow the right way, it can produce a blinding glare and prevent you from seeing what’s in front of you. Purchase polarized or tinted sunglasses to help minimize the sun glare. They will also help with UV protection.

Protects your eyes if you are in an accident

 Hopefully, it will never happen, but there is always a chance of losing control on the slopes and getting into an accident with another person or a tree. If you lose control and end up hitting a tree or running into branches, your eyes will be protected from anything going into your eye and causing damage if you wear ski goggles. This will help you avoid more damage that may have happened.

They will keep your eyes from drying out

 The winter months bring dryer air, which can affect your eyes when you are out on the slopes. Having that dry air enter your eyes when you speed down the slopes can be very uncomfortable. If worn correctly, ski goggles will suction snug around your face so as not to let in any air as you are speeding down the slopes. You will feel much more comfortable on the mountain when you don’t have dry eyes.

Have we sold you on the importance of ski goggles yet? If we have and you are not sure where to start looking for a good pair, stop into the Sunglass Shoppe, and we can fit you for the perfect pair! The Sunglass Shoppe has locations in Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Saugatuck, MI.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Wearing Goggles on the Slopes This Winter