If you are an adventurer and love the outdoors, Zeal Optics eyewear might be the perfect choice for you. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, it’s no wonder why many outdoor enthusiasts choose Zeal Optics as their sunglass or goggle brand of choice. Here are three reasons why we love Zeal Optics:

It’s high-quality eyewear.
Zeal Optics uses some of the most revolutionary materials in both their sunglasses and their goggles, allowing for clearer vision both on land and underwater. They use Ellume polarized materials that help to eliminate color confusion so you can see all the colors of the spectrum more vividly.

Zeal Optics sunglasses and goggles are also 99.9% polarized, which will help protect your eyes from UV exposure. Polarized lenses help to protect your eyes from long-term damage. Zeal Optics carries Ellume polarized lenses in copper, dark grey, horizon blue, and rose colors.

They use plant-based materials in all sunglass frames and lenses. 
Being fans of the outdoors themselves, Zeal Optics’ team is passionate about taking care of the environment. They believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the earth, and they are doing their part. All Zeal Optics sunglass frames and lenses are made from plant-based materials. While other lenses are often made from petroleum-based materials, Zeal Optics uses a plant-based polymer as the bonding agent.

Zeal Optics are excellent for outdoor adventures.
Whether you use Zeal Optics sunglasses or goggles, their products are built specifically for the outdoors. Part of their mission is to make sure your experience in the outdoors is enhanced with the most beautiful views of the world. No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you go on, Zeal Optics has a mission to make it more memorable for you through their lenses.

Zeal Optics Eyewear is available in Sunglass Shoppes stores located in downtown Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Saugatuck, MI. Stop in and try on a pair to see what we are talking about!