Have you ever wondered about your glasses? Learn more about the parts of your eyeglass frames to find out some neat facts.

1. Temple Tips help keep your glasses in place and make them more comfortable to wear.

2. The temples, on the side of the glasses, are also known as arms. They connect the frames to the temple tips and can vary in size to fit your face.

3. The bridge is the small bar that connects the frame of the glasses and sits on your nose.

4. The clear material that fits inside the frame is called the lens; this is where your unique prescription is placed.

5. The hinges on the frame have tiny springs and screws that allow the temples to move.

6. The end pieces extend from each side of the frame allowing an area where the temples can connect to the frame.

7. Screws hold the temples onto the frame.

8. Most plastic frames like the picture above have plastic nose pads, but metal frames have a clear plastic nose pad that is added on to the frame. These help your glasses stay on your face.

9. Frames are the front part of your glasses, they hold in the lenses, come in many styles, and are connected to the temples.

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Parts of an Eyeglass Frame from The Sunglass Shoppe in Petoskey, Charlevoix, and Traverse City, MI