Staying safe on the road also means taking care of your eyes! Wearing sunglasses while driving can help you stay safe on the road and improve your driving experience. Here are three reasons why it is important to invest in the correct sunglasses to stay safe on the road.

Reduces Glare

 Blinding sunlight can be deadly when you are driving. Wearing the right sunglasses can help reduce sun glare. Polarized lenses are beneficial for reducing sun glare at peak sun hours. Polarized sunglasses help to filter reflective light that may hit surfaces and then bounce toward your eyes, causing that glare.

Improves Vision

 Not only do sunglasses help to reduce sun glare to help you see better, but they can also help improve your vision when it rains or when it’s foggy. Ever see someone wearing sunglasses in the rain? It’s actually a smart thing to do! Sunglasses will help create a clearer picture during this kind of weather. Rain can scatter light and create a glare when you are driving. Sunglasses can help you see more clearly when you are driving in rainy or foggy weather.

Keeps Eyes Healthy

 When you are outdoors or driving, and the sun is shining bright, it is only natural to squint your eyes to help block out the light the sun gives off if you are not wearing sunglasses. Squinting your eyes can cause eye strain and headaches, and sometimes even nausea. Wearing sunglasses can help keep your eyes and your body healthy while in the car.

There are many types of sunglasses to consider when you are in the car driving. Choosing the correct lens color, polarized or non-polarized, and comfort are points to consider when looking to purchase sunglasses. Need help picking out the best sunglasses for your face so you can feel safer while driving? Come into the Sunglass Shoppe, and we can help. We have locations ins Petoskey, Charlevoix, Traverse City, and Saugatuck, MI.

woman driving wearing sunglasses