Are Sunglasses Really That Important?

Wearing sunglasses allows you to represent your flair, your personality, and are a fun accessory, but are sunglasses really that important?

Sunglasses are a summer (and winter) staple for me; I wear them all of the time. I love how they protect my eyes, and that I have so many super fun options to choose from. There are so many different lens options and colors to choose from; you can’t go wrong. But let’s talk about the benefits:

Why Are Sunglasses Important?

There's no question that when you wear sunglasses, you feel like you have more confidence. But are sunglasses really that important?
  • UV Protection: UV protection means blocking the ultraviolet rays from reaching your eyes. UV rays aren’t just out in the summer or on a bright sunny day; they can reflect off sand, water, ice, and snow, even on an overcast day.
  • Sunglasses in the Winter: You may not see as many people wearing sunglasses in the winter as you do in the summer, but sunglasses protect your eyes year-round. Don’t forget, the sun reflects off the snow and ice too.
  • Better Vision in the Sun: Wearing sunglasses will help you see better in bright light. Sunglasses help cut down on reflective glare and can help improve the colors and contrast of your outside view.
  • Eye Protection: When you are outside, the wind is blowing, and depending on the season, there is sand, snow, allergens, etc. in the air. Instead of letting the wind, sand, and snow irritate your eyes, you can protect them with your favorite sunglasses or eyewear.
  • Add an Rx: The great thing about sunglasses is when you have an optical prescription, you can combine the two and have prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories, and they come in so many frame options.

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There's no question that when you wear sunglasses, you feel like you have more confidence. But are sunglasses really that important?


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