Bifocal vs. Progressive Lenses

Bifocal vs. Progressive Lenses

It’s no secret that as you get older, your eyesight changes. Rather than carry around multiple pairs of glasses for different uses, many lean more towards purchasing bifocals or progressive lenses. However, which is better: progressive or bifocal lenses? This depends on which will work better for you.

Let’s look at the difference between bifocals and progressive lenses to help you determine which is better for you.

Bifocal Lenses

 Bifocal lenses are lenses that have a line separating each prescription. In most cases, the top prescription is for distance, and the bottom prescription is for reading or viewing things up close. Bifocal lenses only allow for two different prescriptions.

Progressive Lenses

 Progressive lenses do not have a line separating different prescriptions. Progressive lenses look like a single prescription lens but can allow you to see better at up to three different distances. There are many kinds of progressive lenses.

  • Standard progressive Lenses

The most affordable progressive lenses. These lenses give you a wide reading area.

  • Short-corridor progressive lenses

Used more in smaller frame eyeglass frames. They do not have as wide a reading area as the standard progressive lenses.

  • Computer progressive lenses

Used for short-range viewing, such as looking at a computer. These lenses are created to give clear vision at about 16 inches to 6 feet.

  • Premium progressive lenses 

These lenses are customized to your prescription and frame size. They provide a vast reading area. They are the easiest to get used to.

  • Ground-view progressive lenses

Lenses that are good for people who spend a lot of time outdoors being active. They give you a better vision when looking down at the ground or driving. These lenses are great for golfers.

Which is right for you? 

If you have discovered that your eyes are changing due to age and it’s time to get eyeglasses with different prescriptions, knowing what you know now can help you decide if you should get progressives or bifocals. Consider your lifestyle. Do you stare at a computer for most of the day, or are you outside working looking out into the distance? If you decide on bifocals, will the line in the middle of the lens be challenging to get used to? Whichever lenses you choose, it will help give you a wider range of vision and improve your quality of life.

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All About Sunglasses and How they Work

All About Sunglasses and How they Work

We all put on our sunglasses every day (or at least you should) when we walk out the door on a sunny day, but have you ever thought about how your sunglasses work and the technology behind them when it comes to protecting your eyes? We decided it would be fun to lay it all out for you!

Different types of UV rays

There are many different types of UV rays, but the ones that affect our eyes the most are UVA and UVB rays. Both types of UV rays are those that reach the earth and can be harmful to a person’s eyes. Sunglasses are designed to reflect both of these types of rays.

Types of sunglasses

There are many different types of sunglasses that all serve different purposes. It’s important to decide which ones are best for you and what you are using them for (i.e., driving, outdoor sports, etc.).


Lenses are the same as your eyeglass prescription, but they have a tint to them to protect the sunlight.

Gradient lenses

These lenses have a darker tint at the top and get lighter towards the bottom. This allows for more protection from overhead sunlight.

Transition lenses

Lenses adjust to the brightness of the sunlight.


Lenses look like a mirror on the outside and work in the most bright conditions.


Lenses have a special lamination on them which blocks horizontal light and sun glares.

How do sunglasses actually work? 

Sunglasses are designed to protect your eyes from damaging UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays can damage the retina, which is in the back of your eye. UVB rays can damage the front of your eye in the cornea. When you are wearing proper sunglasses, the UV rays are unable to get into your eyes. If they did, you could eventually potentially suffer from eye damage or loss of vision.

When you are shopping for sunglasses, it’s important to make sure that the ones you choose protect you from 99% of UV rays. Otherwise, you are risking damage to your eyes. Stop in at the Sunglass Shoppe, and we can fit you for the right sunglasses that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Makeup Tips for Wearing Eyeglasses

Makeup Tips for Wearing Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can significantly impact your appearance and choosing the right makeup to complement them can sometimes be tricky! Here are a few makeup tips to make you look your best while wearing your glasses.

Avoid shadows
 Some glasses will cast dark shadows around your eyes in certain lights. To fight this, use a lighter shade of foundation under your eyes and down the center of your nose. Contouring your face by your cheekbones and around your forehead can also help with shadows.

Lighten up your eyeshadows
 Wearing darker eyeshadows with glasses can make your eyes look tired. Sticking to more neutral and bright colors can make your eyes pop more behind your glasses. If you just can’t give up those dark eyeshadows, invest in larger frames. The bigger the eyeglass frames, the more people will see your eyes and your darker eyeshadows.

Match your eyeliner with your glasses
 If you have thinner eyeglass frames, go for a thinner eyeliner around your eyes. If your glasses have a thicker frame, a thicker eyeliner around your eyes will accentuate them.

Volumize your eyelashes
 Choose a volumizing mascara if you wear glasses. However, be careful about using too much mascara because you don’t want clumps ending up on your eyeglass lenses. A creamier mascara will help prevent this.

Boost your brows
 Use a brow brush to brush your brow hairs up and out. This will make your eyebrows sit more on top of your eyeglass frames.

Bring attention to your lips or your eyes – not both
 Whether you wear glasses or not, it is best practice to accentuate either your eyes or your lips. If you have big, bold glasses, go for a more neutral lipstick color so your eyes will stand out. If you have thinner, less obvious eyeglass frames, go for the red lipstick!

It's 2021, that means we don't have to sacrifice fashion to be able to see clearly. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles to wear with glasses.

Wearing makeup is fun, but it’s also important to remember that it can sometimes cause eye irritation or infections. Always remember to clean off your makeup every night before you go to bed to prevent infections. Be sure to also clean your eyeglass lenses frequently, as makeup can often get on them.  Use an anti-reflective coating on your lenses to help eliminate distracting reflections so people can see the beauty of your eyes more clearly!

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The Anatomy of Eyeglasses

The Anatomy of Eyeglasses

Have you ever wondered about the parts of your eyeglasses? Let’s dive into the anatomy of your eyeglasses.

This is the main part of your eyeglasses. It is what holds the lenses in place. They come in a variety of different styles and brands.

Most people would say this is the most important part of your eyeglasses. The lenses are the clear pieces of your eyeglasses. It usually comes in prescription form. The size of the lenses depends on your prescription and the style of frames you choose.

This part of your eyeglasses does precisely what it says. It bridges your nose and allows your eyeglasses to sit comfortably on your face.

Nose Pads
Nose pads also help with comfort. They are the small pads that rest on your nose. Nose pads can either be part of the frame or a separate piece that attaches to the frame with a piece of metal.

Hinges are the joints that allow you to open and close the temples on your eyeglass frames.

The screws of your eyeglasses are what join the two pieces of a hinge together. It is not uncommon for a screw to come loose or even fall out. Most eyeglass stores, such as the Sunglass Shoppe, can help you with replacing or tightening the screws.

This part of your eyeglasses falls on both sides of your head. The temple’s job is to keep your glasses secure when you are wearing them. Temples are made in different lengths to fit different head sizes.

Temple Tips
At the end of your temples are the temple tips! Some temple tips can be covered or coated with plastic or a rubber material to make your eyeglasses sit more comfortably.

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3 Reasons Why We Love State Optical Eyewear

3 Reasons Why We Love State Optical Eyewear

The Sunglass Shoppe carries a variety of brands of eyewear that we truly love and support. One of those brands is State Optical Eyewear. Why do we love State Optical? Here are the top three reasons:

It started with family.

  1.  State Optical was co-created by two cousins who had an idea and went with it. They were often told their vision was impossible, but they continued to move forward to find a way to manufacture high-quality eyewear. After traveling around the world researching machinery and techniques to create their own eyewear, they finally partnered with two men who were executives at a family-owned eyewear company who shared their vision. It started with family.

State Optical is based in the U.S.

  1.  State Optical is a luxury eyewear brand designed and manufactured in the United States. This eyewear is a first of its kind in the U.S, and the owners are proud of this.  Each frame that is created goes through a 75-step process and takes hundreds of hours to create the perfect product.

Not only are they based in the United States, but the company keeps up with current events and how they can help. For example, the company donated all of its online sales from June 19, 2021, to the Open Your Eyes Scholarship in honor of the new Juneteenth holiday.

All Frames are Handcrafted

  1. State Optical designs its frames precisely to fit a person’s style and personality. Their employees are considered artists because of their work and the meticulous attention to detail they execute when creating eyewear frames. State Optical releases two lines a year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter). Each collection has a unique story behind it. With over 35 eyewear craftsmen on their team, we are never disappointed with what they develop next!

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What to Consider When Shopping for Glasses for the Upcoming School Year

What to Consider When Shopping for Glasses for the Upcoming School Year

With the next school year slowly approaching, it might be time to start shopping for back-to-school items, including new glasses. If you are a teacher or are planning on going back to school yourself as a student of any age, here are some things you will want to consider when shopping for glasses.

 School days can be long days, so your comfort should be important to you. If you had purchased glasses before that didn’t feel comfortable, it might be because they were not appropriately fitted for your face. Other than having the correct prescription for your glasses, other measurements need to be taken to get the most out of your glasses. Make sure your glasses are fitted correctly for the most comfort during those long days in the classroom.

 Find the right glasses that fit your face shape. When you are shopping for glasses, you want to find a pair that fits your face and your personality.  Feel confident walking into class with your fashionable glasses this school year.

Should you consider blue light glasses?
 If you are staring at a computer screen in the classroom for an extended period of time, you may want to consider purchasing glasses that will filter blue light to protect your eyes. Blue light is a color in the light spectrum that produces higher amounts of energy. Artificial blue light is a light emitted from digital screens like computers, smartphones, and television.  If you think you will be looking at any digital screen, you may want to consider these blue light glasses to help prevent headaches or dry eyes.

Extra set
 If you wear glasses during the majority of the day, you may want to consider storing an extra pair. Leave them in your car or your bag just in case you forget them somewhere. When you are running from classroom to classroom and switching out your books and other materials, it can be easy to forget something such as your glasses.