As we look forward to the season change and welcome the warmth of spring, it’s time to freshen up our wardrobes with the latest styles and trends. And what better way to refresh than with a new pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses? This spring, eyewear trends are all about making a statement, from bold shapes to vibrant colors. Here are three must-have eyewear trends for spring 2024 that will elevate your look and keep you on-trend.

1. Oversized Frames

Oversized frames continue to dominate the eyewear industry for spring 2024, offering a perfect blend of style and functionality. These larger-than-life frames provide ample coverage from the sun and add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit. Oversized frames offer a chic and effortless way to make a statement, whether lounging by the lakefront or strolling through the streets of downtown Petoskey. From classic square shapes to exaggerated cat-eye designs, an oversized frame suits every face shape and personal style. We recommend taking a look at the Lafont collection, which is designed in Paris with creative independence.

*Styling Tips 

Pair your oversized frames with minimalist outfits for a sleek and sophisticated look, or use bold patterns and prints to make a fashion-forward statement. Feel free to experiment with different colors and textures to add contrast to your ensemble.

2. Transparent Frames

Transparent frames are back on the trending list for spring 2024, offering a modern and fresh take on classic eyewear styles. These barely-there frames add a subtle touch of sophistication to any look while allowing your features to shine. Transparent frames are versatile and effortlessly chic, making them a must-have accessory for spring. Whether you prefer soft pastel hues or bold neon shades, there’s a transparent frame to suit every taste and personality. Take a peek at the ILLA collection, which offers eclectic statement eyewear with various transparent frames in different shapes and styles.

*Styling Tips

Pair your transparent frames with neutral tones for a clean and minimalist aesthetic, or mix and match with bright colors for a playful and vibrant look. These versatile frames can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for any occasion.

3. Geometric Shapes:

Geometric shapes are taking center stage in eyewear trends for spring 2024, offering a fresh and modern twist on classic frame styles. From hexagonal sunglasses to octagonal eyeglasses, geometric frames add a bold and edgy vibe to your look. Geometric frames offer a unique and eye-catching alternative to traditional round or square shapes, allowing you to express your individuality and creativity. Whether you like sharp angles or soft curves, a geometric frame suits every style preference. Browse the Dutz collection with high-quality and versatile frames unique to your style. 

*Styling Tips 

Let your geometric frames be the focal point of your outfit by keeping the rest of your look simple and understated. Pair them with sleek and modern ensembles for a contemporary feel, or mix and match them with eclectic pieces for a statement look.

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your eyewear collection with the latest trends for the season. Whether you’re a fan of oversized frames, transparent styles, or geometric shapes, there’s a trend to suit every taste and personality. Embrace the spirit of spring and elevate your look with eyewear that makes a statement and sets you apart from the rest. Swing by one of our Northern Michigan locations to browse our collections and find your spring inspiration!